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Christmas flowers

Christmas Wreath Tutorial


I'm still cant get over how fast this year has gone. It's already the end of November and Christmas is fast approaching! So I thought I'd kick start this festive season with a quick video tutorial on how to make a Christmas Wreath. This can be hung on your front door to greet and impress guests who come-a-knocking. Or can be placed in the middle of a table with a vase and candle in the middle as a table centrepiece.

There's many different ways to make a Christmas Wreath. Here's one way. This technique is best used to make a wreath that can be dried and keep for many months and years proceeding this Christmas. Be sure to use ingredients that dry well to avoid an ugly dying wreath.

flower arranging tutorial

For the purpose of the video, I used:


- wool bush

- gum

- nigella

- unknown red flowers

- leucadendrons

I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial. If you'd like to learn how to make fresh wreaths for this Christmas, we are running Christmas Wreath Workshops. This can be booked and paid over our online store. Or are you time poor but would love one for Christmas? You can order one to be delivered to your door before Christmas on our online store. Check it out!